Movie extracts.

This page is still under construction and as extra footage becomes available will be expanded.

The extracts below were downloaded directly from u-tube. You can view them in the normal manner by clicking on the arrow in the centre of the clip or click on the u-tube link at the base of each clip to go directly to the source.


Original 1968 movie footage of the expedition narrated by Arthur Botha who was part of our support team back home in Cape Town. After almost 50 years Arthur is still a participating member of the Cape Town Vespa Club.

Uploaded by The Republikein on Jul 18, 2011.

A report from the online news service of the Afrikaans Namibian Newspaper ‘The Republikein’ Recorded June 10, 2010.

“Byna 42 jaar terug, op 9 Julie 1968, het ses mans en ‘n gids uit Kaapstad vertrek om met Vespas deur die Visrivier op die gebruiklike staproete te reis. Hulle uitdaging was om die eerste wielspore in die Visrivier te los”.

Although there are some brief movie extracts below it appears that most of the footage has been lost. Or kept in some archive somewhere.