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go! magazine.

Written by Albert Bossert and published by go! magazine. February 2007 Edition.

Pictured left to right:

Graham Nell, Johnnie Johnson, Aubrey Jackson and Mannfred Goldbeck, Managing Director of Gondwana Collection, Namibia.


An invitation was accepted by three members of the original 1968 Cape Town Vespa Club Fish River Canyon Expedition to attend a reunion and the 2010 opening of the Cañon Roadhouse, Namibia. Organized and hosted  by Gondwana, Collection, Namibia.

The photograph below was taken at the exact same spot they stopped at 42 years earlier in 1968 before undertaking their Fish River Canyon Challenge.

Expedition Leader Johnnie Johnson passed away  7 February 2011 in Cape Town.

Photograph courtesy of the Gondwana Collection Namibia.

Makeover. 12-16 May 2014.

At the base of the canyon soon after Pulpit Rock a bunch of friends sought out the now famous Vespa landmark ‘Vidi’, with the purpose of giving her a fresh coat of paint.

She’s been painted numerous times since 1968. This time she was transformed from her usual rust-red to stark black and white zebra striping.

Thanks to the group for their photos:

Stoffel, Oierre van der Westhuizen, Alan Hubbard, Hanneli Gerber, Sanet van Meersbergen, Jaco Beukman and Heinrich Gerber.


The latter part of 2014 wasn't a particularly good year for 'Vidi'.

From her recently restored indigenous zebra stripes she was transformed into a disco queen. Considering her age and surroundings it didn't seem appropriate. Thankfully by May 2015 she was rescued and once more displays her true adventurous colours.

Thanks to Erlend von Maltzahn and his party the old girl 'Vidi' was subdued and returned to her natural dignified self.

In the words of the 2017 February issue of the U.K. magazine 'Classic Scooterist'...

"Vespas resting among the rocks may provide some stange images – but there's nothing stranger than what took place in Namibia during 1968".

Classic revival.

In words and pictures this six page feature article revives for Vespa enthusiasts the story of the penultimate 50 year old Cape Town Vespa Club adventure to the Fish River Canyon. Cleverly the1968 expedition article starts from page 68 onwards.

This and other Classic Scooterist Magazine articles can be found online at:

Grease Lightening.

Thanks Marianne Parker for this great photo of the September 21 2016 group.

Sometimes words can’t reach due to distance but the simple gesture of a friendly hand wave and a  smile to camera works. Enticing one to want to join their exciting adventure.


Sometime in June there was an unanticipated change of colour for Vidi. From her indigenous zebra stripes she morphed into electric blue."

'I had a tear rolling down my cheek when I passed the Vespa. We at least cleaned up around it as it seems that people start dumping all their "too much weight" here - a sad moment.

Marianne Parker.