Permit aplication and approval.

The furthest thing from our minds was that a permit would be required.

With a last minute scramble and the help of Grosvenor Motors Executives we were able to secure a permit in the nick of time. It arrived by telex on the morning of our departure from Cape Town

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For those unfamiliar with the Afrikaans language.

The final document was the expeditions permit and conditions of entry to the canyon. It needed to be carried with us at all times and produced on request.

It stated:

     (a). That we would be responsible for our own transport to and from the


     (b). We would undertake the expedition at our own risk and expect no assistance from the South West African Administration.

     (c). All campfires were to be responsibly extinguished and we were not to unnecessarily wound or shoot dead any wildlife.

     (d). All empty cans and other rubbish to be buried when departing a campsite.

     (e). It would be a violation to damage, tamper or collect any examples of plant, animal, geological, archeological, historical or any scientific samples and...

     (f). We were not to take any animals with us and would only be permitted one firearm, no larger than .22 calibre with ten rounds of ammunition.

The view from the main lookout down between the two Sentinels which jealously guard the entrance into Horseshoe Bend.